Chimo Lodge and Outposts Inc.

Our outpost on Marvin Lake is 65 miles northwest of Red Lake. It has plenty of bays and offers fantastic northern pike and walleye fishing. Similar to our other locations tied to the Keeper River system, this location also boasts plenty of underwater structure for great trophy class fishing.

Marvin Lake provides numerous inlets and backwater bays, as well as main lake structures. We are the only tourist outfitter on the lake.

The Fishing

Fishing typically consists of mid-lake reefs and structure for walleye. Shallow weedy points and hidden inlets hold trophy class northern pike. Trophy northern pike and walleye are not uncommon at this location. Marvin Lake is attached to the world class Keeper River system through portage. The Keeper River system ensures a continuous supply of bait and sport fish are cycled through its waters. This provides for near unlimited trophy opportunities.

We have a strict catch and release policy for trophies, ensuring world class fishing for many generations to come.

The Cabin

Constructed on site, from local pine logs, the cabin provides three (3) bedrooms accommodating up to six (6) people, and features solar powered 120V lights and electricity. The cabin is very well equipped with a propane range, fridge, freezer, mattresses, and three-piece bathrooms (urinal, sink and shower), and complete with hot and cold running water. A charcoal barbecue on the deck is also included.